Mini essay

July 8, 2019
mini essay

A mini-essay is like a miniature painting or an intricate sketchit forces you to concentrate on a few select details that capture a single impression. Obviously most of the rules of essay writing will apply to a mini-essay. Nevertheless, mini-essays have a few unique features worth emphasizing.

In this class, there are two major types of formal writing that you will submit.

Keep in mind that this is a short essay assignment, not a paragraph assignment. In-text citations if you use a quotation from the literature in your mini-essay, please place an in-text citation (also called a parenthetical citation) immediately after you close the quotation marks and before you place a period for your sentence.

The following essays explain our philosophy on various pedagogical topics.

Mini essays, also called microthemes, are very short essays, sometimes as short as a paragraph, which provide an opportunity for low-stakes writing. Feedback on mini essays need not be in the form of a grade or even teacher comments.

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